Our Prayer Together

An expression of gratitude for Love


God, we thank you for love.  We are grateful that your greatest commandments are all about love.

That make sense as you are love.

We recognize your love in, and all over, your sacrifice of Jesus. You showed us how to love through your actions.

Love always comes out in actions.

We now know that loving others is not a cliche, It is more than a a gooey feeling,

Love calls for sacrifice.

That is what you, O Lord, have shown us through your actions. We now know what your sacrifice looks like,

It looks like grace,

It looks like forgiveness, It looks like mercy, It looks like compassion, It looks like a call for justice, It looks like persevering kindness, It looks like love,

Love extended to all, Love extended for all, Love that is not selfish, Love that is never withheld, Love that motivates our sacrifice, Love that notices others, Love that prompts us to a response of empathy.

Love is Love.

O Lord, there is really no other way to say it,

Love is Love, and, your Love is life. It is the ‘all that I need’ kind of life.

As we adopt your kind of love, we will meet all with your embrace, We will see chaos through your eyes of peace, We will see the needs of a hurting world, We will see the injustice in the streets, We will the pain that precludes violence, We will see the hurt hiding in the shadows, We will see the desperate reaching for any sign of hope, We will see the life you desire that we have, We will see the life you sacrificed for us to live.

God we give thanks for love. O Lord, we give thanks for Your love.

Show us when we are failing to love you, Reveal to us when we are failing to love others.

God, we thank you for Love.


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