Sunday Prayer Together

 God, we thank you for truth. We thank you for the truth. We acknowledge that you are truth. 

We are grateful that your word is truth. We are thankful that your word is a lamp to our feet. We are grateful that truth is a light to our path. 

Lord, we confess that we have failed to seek truth. We have settled for the darkness of Deceitful words, Hateful rhetoric, Divisive subtleties, Contentious labeling, and, Dangerous coverups. 

We have given away the power of our own path over to, Screaming pundits, False prophets, Clever slogans, Internet bots, and Manufactured conspiracies.

We have covered our ears, We have closed our eyes, in order to hear, and see, their deceit.

Lord, remind us to uncover our ears, remind us to open our eyes, to see your lamp guiding our feet, to see your light directing our path.

Lord, we will know it is your light, your lamp, your light, when we can see and hear…. Love, Peace, Patience, Joy, Compassion, Caring, Justice, Sacrifice, Humility, Mercy,  and Unity.

God, we will discern it is your word, your truth, when it is consistent with the life and words of Jesus.

Lord, remind us of our Privilege to seek truth, Our obligation to search for light, Our choice to take the path you set before us. 

God, we know that when we find truth, we will find freedom, and then,  when we are able to lay down our burdens, we will experience your rest, 

For we will find that your burden is truly light.


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