A Prayer of Grace


God, you are the giver of grace

You are grace.

Your grace is too deep for us to fathom.

Your grace is too wide for us to grasp.

Your grace is too offensive to our human nature.

Your grace is too sufficient to meet our needs.

Father, you compared your grace to a Master.

A master who employed all who needed work.

A master who paid not on an earthly scale.

A master who did not use a time clock.

The master’s method was to pay those who came to the field.

His employees were those that had the need to work.

We seldom can see our work, and pay, in that manner.

We are more prone to measure by our time, sweat, and achievement.

We count the worth of our work by comparing and judging.

We work in the field for gain, not for need.

Our view of fairness is all about us.

Our view of justice is centered on ourselves.

Our understanding of mercy is for those we choose.

Our valuable time is for spent on that we value.

We are much more like Jonah than the master.

We know that you are full of grace.

We know that you are the God of mercy.

We know that you are compassionate and kind.

We know that you are love.

We want to choose who receives grace.

We want to restrict who experiences mercy.

We want to limit who feels your compassion and kindness.

We want to withhold your love for our own.

Lord, you have relented from destruction.

You have repented from anger.

You have worked around our limitations.

You have persevered with us through our humanness.

God, your grace is constant, even when we do not feel it.

Your grace is consistent, even when we do not reflect it

Your grace is unwavering, even when we attempt to run from it.

Your grace is not limited to grace.

You give grace upon grace.

While we are still stuck at happiness,

You are progressing with Mercy.

While we are sitting in the belly of the fish,

You are preparing people and their Kings to hear of our God.

While we are bitter under the shade, 

You are loving those in the sweltering sun.

Father, we thank you for your grace that we do not understand.

May we allow your grace to visible to our eyes.

May we permit your grace to be obvious through our speech.

May we intentionally give out your grace in our daily journey.

God, may we let your grace flow from our lives.

God, may we let your grace flow in our lives.


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