Prayer Together 10.04.20

Based on King David’s Prayer of Humility –  I Chronicles 17:16-27

Lord God, you have done so much for us and our families. And we don’t understand why. Besides all that you have given, God, you have given us hope for the future. Lord God, you have given us a place of honor. What more can we say? You have done so much for us. We are only your servant. You know that but we often forget. 

Lord, you have done this wonderful thing for us simply because you wanted to. There is no one like you, Lord. There is no God except you. We have heard of the other gods, there is no comparison! For your people you have done wonderful things. You took them out of Egypt and surprised them with deliverance and freedom. You then gave them the way to live free, you then painted a picture of freedom through the human live of your Son. Your power was seen by all the nations. You made them a people and went in front of them as you gave them a land.  You were their God long before any of us recognized, or accepted, that you are God.

Lord, through you son, you have included us into your fold. You made this promise to us. We know that you will keep your promise forever. We know that through that, you will be honored among the nations. We are your servant. Please let us be strong and continue to serve you.

My God, you spoke to us, your servants. Your promise enables us to be bold among the nations, not because of our achievements but because of who you are, for you are God. You are God, and your promises come from who your are. Through your mercy, you have been kind and blessed us. You promise alone is all the evidence we need of your grace. Lord, your blessing is a blessing forever.


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