Prayer Together


Sunday Prayer Together (Martha) 10.18.20

(Based on Psalm 96:1-13)

God, we desire to sing a new song to you, to sing along with all the peoples of the earth.

We desire to bless you God, to bless your name; to tell of your salvation everyday.

Our desire is to declare your glory among all the nations, to shout of your marvelous works among all the peoples.

God, you are great, and you are to be praised in a great way; you are to be revered above all gods.

The gods of the peoples are idols, but you, O God, made the heavens.

God, honor and majesty are before you; strength and beauty are in your sanctuary.

We ascribe to you O’ God, we call out to all the families of the peoples – ‘ascribe to God all the glory and strength’.

We ascribe to you the glory due your name. We will worship you God in holy splendor; we will tremble before you, as will all the earth.

We call to the nations, “The LORD is king! The world is firmly established; it shall never be moved. God will judge the peoples with equity.”

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and all that fills it; let the field exult, and everything in it. 

Then shall all the trees of the forest sing for joy before the LORD; for he is coming, for he is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world with righteousness, and all the peoples with his truth.


Prayer Together 10.11.20

(Based on Psalm 23, Isaiah 25:9, and Philippians 4:8  )

Please Join Me In Prayer

You, Lord, are our shepherd; we shall not want. You make us to lie down in green pastures: you lead us beside the still waters. You restore our soul: you lead us on, and to, the paths of your righteousness.

Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil: for you are with us; your rod and your staff comfort us.

You prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies: you anoint our heads with oil; our cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives: and we will dwell in your house for ever.

You, Father, call on us to think about whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, whatever excellence we find, and anything worthy of praise that we may encounter.

You, God, are who we have waited for, so that you will save us. You are the LORD for whom we have waited; let us be glad and rejoice in your salvation.


Prayer Together 10.04.20

Based on King David’s Prayer of Humility –  I Chronicles 17:16-27

Lord God, you have done so much for us and our families. And we don’t understand why. Besides all that you have given, God, you have given us hope for the future. Lord God, you have given us a place of honor. What more can we say? You have done so much for us. We are only your servant. You know that but we often forget. 

Lord, you have done this wonderful thing for us simply because you wanted to. There is no one like you, Lord. There is no God except you. We have heard of the other gods, there is no comparison! For your people you have done wonderful things. You took them out of Egypt and surprised them with deliverance and freedom. You then gave them the way to live free, you then painted a picture of freedom through the human live of your Son. Your power was seen by all the nations. You made them a people and went in front of them as you gave them a land.  You were their God long before any of us recognized, or accepted, that you are God.

Lord, through you son, you have included us into your fold. You made this promise to us. We know that you will keep your promise forever. We know that through that, you will be honored among the nations. We are your servant. Please let us be strong and continue to serve you.

My God, you spoke to us, your servants. Your promise enables us to be bold among the nations, not because of our achievements but because of who you are, for you are God. You are God, and your promises come from who your are. Through your mercy, you have been kind and blessed us. You promise alone is all the evidence we need of your grace. Lord, your blessing is a blessing forever.


Prayer Together

God, you are the God of completeness.

You complete our work,

You complete our play,

You complete our rest,

You complete our relationships,

You complete our lives.

God you complete us with Hope, 

You complete us with Joy,

You complete us with Peace,

You complete us with Truth,

You complete us with Grace,

You complete us with Love

God, your completeness meets us in our good times,

It meets us in our times of misery,

It meets us in our times of victory,

It meets us in our times of defeat,

It meets us when we are searching,

It meets us in our questions,

It meets us in our doubts,

It meets us when we are lost,

It meets us when we are found.

God, your completeness recognizes us when we are frustrated, 

When we are aggravated,

When we are annoyed,

When we are overjoyed,

When we are happy,

When we are angry,

When we are confused,

When we are in a state of clarity.

God, your completion is revealed in the Son.

It is a throne to throne completion,

Taking a path through humanity,

Through the Cross,

Out of a Grave,

Into Our Hearts.

Lord, you have shown us the completeness of faith,

You have revealed to us the completeness of life.

Father, may we live lives of permitting you to complete us.

May we realize the joy in your completion.


A Prayer of Forgiveness

Prayer Together for 09.13.20

God, you took chaos and created order. You took nothingness and created harmony. You took, darkness and made it light. You took love and created life. You took death and made it life. You created and gave it to us.

Lord, we have taken the order and turned it into anarchy. We have taken the harmony and turned it into conflict. We have taken the light and returned to darkness. We have taken the life and dismissed, devalued, and oppressed it. We have taken this creation for granted it and missed you in the middle of it.

We have taken your gift and thrown it to the swine.

Father, we have lied and slander others, just as we have experienced the same from others. We have experienced hurt and we have caused hurt. We have felt the sting of pain, just as we have created pain We have been led astray and we have led others down the same paths. We have known the agony of disappointment and have felt the guilt of disappointing others. We have been humiliated and we have humiliated. We have chosen evil and ignored good. We have turned from right and destroyed trust.

God, we are in need of forgiveness. God, we need to grant forgiveness. God, we know the pain of unforgiveness. God, we know the uncertainty of withheld forgiveness. God we need forgiveness. God we need to grant forgiveness.

God may we experience the freeing power of giving and receiving forgiveness. May we know the joy of letting go of those things that accompany forgiveness. May we recognize the power in the release of hurt, resentment, and vengeance. May we replace those things with love, may we do so in love.

Lord, help us to accept forgiveness.

Father, help us to give forgiveness.


A Prayer About Love

Sunday Prayer Together 09.06.20

God, you have defined love as being patient, kind; not envious, not boastful, and not arrogant or rude. You have said that love does not insist on its own way, that it is not irritable or resentful, that it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but instead it rejoices in the truth. You have beautifully painted a portrait of love as bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things, and enduring all things.

Lord, it it not our natural tendency to be patient or kind.  Often times we are envious, boastful, rude and arrogant.  Sadly, we do frequently insist on our own way, and, in all honesty, we can be irritable and rude, not to mention that we occasionally side with lies instead of favoring truth. And, full disclosure, we are not really fluent in hanging in there through all things, expecting the best in all all things, trusting beyond our vision in all things or in persevering through all things.

Father you have said that if we do not have love, we do not have anything.  You have assured us that if we have love we have everything, yet, if we do not have love, all that we have it of no value.  

Our human nature is to give love out sparingly, giving it only to those, and in those situations, where we are given back more than we give, refusing to give to those we do not agree with, those who follow our expectations, those we understand, those we tolerate, those we approve of, those we cannot see.  

Spectacularly, you have promised that Love Never Ends.

Sadly, here on earth, we can allow Hate to have an even more powerful and lasting impact.

We define love in selfish ways.  Love is a feeling, love can be withheld as an act of control and abuse, love is without cost or sacrifice, love is free.  The truth is, love is given freely, but it fully costs the giver everything.  Love requires sacrifice, selflessness, vulnerability, compromise, risk, and honesty.

God, remind us that Love is always a choice. Lord, may our lives be motivated by your call to love. Father, please nudge us in the direction of love in every moment of our lives.

God, may we always hold on to the fact that your Love has already been given freely to each of us.


Knowing Names

Prayer Together 08.30.20

God, we are thankful that you know our name

Lord, we are grateful, that you know our name better than we know it ourself

Father, we are amazed that our name never leaves your mind.

God, you know the names Aubrey Dameron, Ida Beard, Emily Morgan, Selena Not Afraid, Aubrey Dameron, Savanna Greywind, Angela McConnell, and the countless of other native American women and girls who remain missing or have been murdered. Father, while our system has dismissed, or forgotten, far more of these names than it has remembered, we know that you do not forget, nor will you ever forget these names.

Lord, long before we ever heard, or paid attention to, these, you already knew the names of Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Terence Crutcher, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, Freddie Gray, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Bettie Jones, Trayvon Martin, Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Dominique White. We fail your call to us as we forget our fellow humans beings created by you, these who have died because of color – senselessly and unjustly killed. After our outrage, or sympathy, dissipates and our entitled excuses do their job of removing our guilt and refocusing the blame on these victims, we forget these names.  You, O God, never forget these you lovingly created; these you know by name, and even more by heart. You share in the tears of those that loved them and, are now, facing an earthly eternity of grief in their absence.

Father, we ignore the daily barrage of numbers, each representing other loved humans created by you. We hear numbers like the 43,000 persons locked up in across the State of Oklahoma; or the numbers, 1,310 out of every 100,000, numbers statisically bypassing the names that you know of those in our state locked up and imprisoned, numbers surpass the numbers in all other states as well as the numbers in all other NATO nations.  We seldom know these names, or remember these numbers.

God, you know the names of each of the 16,289 students in the Norman Public Schools, as well as the names of each of the 1,962 employees that make or public school system.  You know the name of each of the 22,152 University of Oklahoma students that have recently returned to our city.

Lord, you know the names of each of the 34 deaths in our city in the past six months due to the Covid 19 illness, you know the name of everyone of the 149 currently active Covid cases in our city, you know the name of every one of the 1,522  city residents the have fully recovered from covid.  God, you know the names of those scientists currently working feverishly on a vaccine for the virus, you also know the names of those who have sought to speak false information and outright lies into the minds of our fellow American citizens.

God, we are thankful that you knew the names of every inhabitant in Ninevah crying out for any kind of deliverance, and you knew the name of Noah, Abraham and Sarah, of Isaac and Rebecca, of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, of the sons of Jacob, including Joseph, and of Shiphrah, Puah, Jochebed, Miriam, and of Bithiah.

God we are thankful that you have told us your name. Father, we are thankful that you know our name.


Thankful for the Seeing Good Moments

 God, we thank you for ‘seeing good’ moments. When we see the extraordinary in the ordinary. In the midst of quarantine and isolation, in these times of protests and economic fears, in dark times when little seems familiar, we recognize your light in the heart, and actions, of others.

God, we have seen the extraordinary in the ordinary of our healthcare workers. Endangering themself and their families through the ordinary act of going to work. Frequently having to isolate from their families & friends. Enduring conspiracy theories & personal rights proclamations, from many of those to  whom they extend mercy.

God, we thank you for our local leaders as they seek to take precautionary measures to protect us from illness and death. They have put their own positions at risk in making the difficult and tough decisions.  They have made decisions that others have been afraid to make.

God, we thank your for our public eduction leaders, teachers, and staff. Jumping into action to do their ordinary jobs in an extraordinary fashion. They have strategized how to resume an ordinary when the ordinary is no longer an option. They now face the risks for self, students and all their families, as they  report back to jobs that will never be the same.

God, we also thank you for the essential works & businesses quickly developing new systems to serve us even when existing systems were no longer usable. They have continued to work, to serve, and to smile, in the midst of the risks and dangers. They have been underpaid, overworked, and almost always, unnoticed.

God, we thank you, we are seeing noticing of others more than ever before,

Just life Christ did with the bent over woman in the temple, the accused woman in the public square, the weak woman in the crowded streets, the ruler who had everything but could give up nothing, the thief hanging on the cross.

God, thank you as we begin to notice beyond skin color, 

We are seeing beyond cultures and actions, beyond nationalities, religions, & practices, we have begun to notice that pain can go deeper than we can comprehend. Pain that reveals itself in ways that distract us from the reality of the devastating impact passed down through generations. 

God, thank you that we continue to see the beauty of your creation in the joy of a pet, the smile of a neighbor, the laugh of a child, the opportunity to help and serve, the expressions of concern and empathy, the masks worn even when not mandated, the hands and feet of those who help after a storm, the privileged standing up for the underprivileged, the different colors that are standing up for each other, the realization of things we don’t need, & what we do need.